Phillips County Motorsports

A WDRA drag strip


Greg -

Thanks and congrats to you, all of your track personnel, and all of the great folks of Malta. You and everyone in Malta can be very proud of your hospitality, friendliness, and the great organization of your Car Show and Drag Strip. You folks run a "first class" operation that makes it all fun and well worth the 200 mile drive in my old brown Camaro. I will be back and I will recommend it to everyone!

It was also, especially cooool to find a gas station/convenience store where you still get gas before you pay..... probably the only one left in the US. Good racing and keep up the great work smily

Thanks again to my new friends in Malta.

Ron Stokes "70 Z/28" 


Hi Sharon,

   My wife Paulette and I wondered how we could contact race track folks to thank you all for your efforts.  We came over for the races Sept. 6 & 7, and I have to say...the whole experience (except for my own performance driving the race car) was very positive!
   We never knew you had a track, and have since found out it is very new...having held only a handful of races.  Well, you guys are well on your way to having a wonderful facility.  There are things in place in Malta that a person doesn't see at all the tracks.  It's racer friendly and there is support from the community and the fans, volunteers seem to be abundant...and open to suggestions.  We can see that your community is not only willing, but anxious to make improvements.  Some things will take care of track surface as rubber is put down over a period of time.  Anyway, GREAT JOB to everybody who worked so hard to stage an event.  And work it is. 
   Our home track is in Minot ND, so we won't be at every Malta race, but we are going to make a point of getting their a couple of times a year to help support your efforts.  Like all other drivers and their families...we love racing!  And without the sacrifice and hard work of individuals like yourselves and your community, we do not have a place to race!  Your efforts are much appreciated.
   Your last race weekend is the same as our we won't see you until next year.  Until then.....
Keith & Paulette Overbo


Sharon Kindle:

Having  never been to a drag race, although my sons have been fans for years, it is unbelievable the enthusiasm I have for Hi-Line Drag strip. It has been and will continue to be a group effort as every member and supporter has a talent to contribute.



Just want to drop you folks a note concerning the July 19-20 (2008 mev) races in Malta . We had a great time. You folks have a very nice facility. We were very impressed with the warm hospitality and friendly people running the operations. We look forward to coming back and racing on a regular basis. I ran my best 1/8 mile time at your track! Thanks again for a great weekend. Keep up the great work!  

From the Swift Current bunch,
John Carleton & Family (blue 66 Chevy II)
Ron/Cory Schultz & Family (blue 72 Nova/Ventura )