Phillips County Motorsports

A WDRA drag strip


Dan Stout, Harlem MT - President

Dan StoutI'm Dan Stout, a farmer, rancher from Harlem Mt. I have two children. I became interested in drag racing at about 11 years old while watching the US Nationals on TV in 1967. I continued my interest in cars and racing while in high school in Harlem and college at NMC in Havre. This was the end of the muscle car era and lots of my friends had muscle cars and hot rods. I attended my first drag race in Lewistown in 1974. I purchased my first muscle car in 1982, a 68 road Runner, and raced it the first time in 1984. I've been racing ever since. When Malta talked about starting a drag strip I became involved as I thought how great it would be to have a race track next door. The Malta track has come so far in the last couple years and is on its way to being one of the best tracks in the state. I just wish I could say I had more to do with its success but that credit goes to the people of Malta who have worked so hard to have a successful racetrack. I am proud to be involved with it and proud to race there.

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