Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc.

Economic Development for 2010

Testimony for longer hours at Port of Morgan

Support for Highway 4 maintenance

                Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. (PCMS) has proved the economy has not affected the enthusiasm of our drivers who wish to run on a top-notch track.

                PCMS operates the Hi-Line Drag strip, located south of Malta, MT and has completed its fourth year of successful racing. The numbers were 35-45 units, (cars, pickups, bikes, Jr. Dragsters, snowmobiles) when we first began. At that time PCMS showed $1.2 million in income and turn-around monies for our area. We thought that was phenomenal after two years of operating the track.

                Now we have an average of 75-85 units per race and the final race of the season hosted 100 adult racers and 18 Jr. Dragsters. We now show $380,044 in turn-over dollars for the 2010 season. This is significant for our area.

                Track Manager John Carnahan, figures the average unit, trailer, drag unit, and pulling rig, to be valued at $50,000 and the Jr. Dragsters average $10,000. With 100 adult units for the last race, there was a value of $5,000,000 and the Jr. Dragsters numbered 18 for a total of $180,000. For those of you who were curious as the value on the pit side, you now have a better idea of the money sitting there to entertain you.

To take it one step further, the miles from the Canadian visitors are staggering: 51,800 from Saskatchewan based on the 35 registered drivers, and 17,820 miles for the six Alberta cars registered with the Hi-Line Drag strip, based on five races, however, the Hi-Line Drag strip hosted seven race weekends with a total of 14 days of racing. Even though some races were rained out, the majority of the drivers stayed for the following day. 

Figuring fuel at $4.00 (diesel mostly), it comes to $287,200 for the Saskatchewan drivers and $71,280 for Alberta. Half, or more, of the fuel is purchased in Montana and most of the gallons are purchased in the Malta and surrounding area.

Accommodations average $65.00 during the summer time and using a conservative figure of 20 rooms, as several have campers or motor homes, it brings in $9,100 during the season. Meals figure into the fray at around $6,314 and additional purchases at the convenience stores gets into the $6,150 range.   Resulting in a total of $230,464 with a turnover of $921,856.00 for our area. This is significant for a municipality of 1,800 population.

This is the Canadian drivers only and does not take into consideration the additional pit crew which travels with the units plus the Canadian spectators, who truly enjoy drag racing. This number can be from two to 10 per unit.

Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. supports the improvement of Saskatchewan Highway 4 leading from Swift Current to the Port of Morgan to which we further support an extension of hours at the port. The highway as it is now, forces our drivers to travel well below the speed limit, is cumbersome to travel and at times causes delay in reaching the port prior to closing. Our Canadian drivers would be able to stay until the finish of races if the port had longer hours. At times, the drivers have the need to leave even though they stand a chance at winning in the dollar arena.

We urge the legislature to extend the hours at the Port of Morgan to accommodate our Canadian drivers and the many Montana racers who travel north to race in Canada and to improve Highway 4 from Swift Current.




Greg Kirkwood, President

P O Box 31

Malta MT 59538