Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stretch’s Pizza, 6 p.m.

Present: Roy & Nina Case, John & Kari Carnahan, Dylan Bergos, Greg Kirkwood, Dan Stout, Terry Skones, Sharon Kindle, Marty Lundstrom

President Kirkwood called meeting to order at 6 p.m. Thursday, September 10, 2015 at Stretch’s Pizza.

Sharon Kindle moved to accept the minutes of August 13 with the name Shane struck and insert Shone, also insert $2500 will be used for auction items.

The president read the treasurer’s report and Kindle moved to accept with second by Stout and motion accepted.

The president read the statements paid and statements to be paid, and after discussion of dollar amounts on certain statements, Stout moved to approve statements with second by Bergos and motion approved.


*Building update: Faydo will complete his job in the spring if the heat is installed; Enerson will buff floors.

*Map-Bergos – it will be completed [aerial] by 2016 with lots marked.

*Pit rules-set aside until winter months and suggest members/drivers read through for review. Can be found on the website under: HOME on the bottom of page.

*Parameters of Pit Gate: plan is to move gate to center of road to accommodate more drivers easing registration. Dirt and gravel will have to be hauled to compete this project.


·        Awards Banquet will be October 17, 2015 at the GN Lodge. Photos and names must be sent to Kirkwood within two days to ensure plaques will be ready for banquet.

·        MDRA [MT Drag Racing Association] will be held in Malta, March 3 & 4, 2016 at the GN Lodge.

·        Scoreboard billing: Kirkwood has invoiced Hi-Line Ford and Kari Carnahan will invoice Mint Bar and Westside as PCMS purchased a program for this process.

·        Annual dinner and auction: FFA to set up and take down and receive the $300 PCMS required once hall is cleaned to specs. East parking lot is rented for Friday and Saturday @ $50 per day. The gun raffle, a 50 guage shotgun, will be sponsored by Miller, Westside Sporting Goods and Kirkwood. Names of track point winners will be announced at dinner. Liz Brown is caterer and Shriners have the bar. Kirkwood and Lundstrom will provide extra tables and Kirkwood the extra chairs.

·        Malta Trails is doing a Cartoon Map showing all businesses along the trail and PCMS can be highlighted for $50. Bergos moved to support with second by Lundstrom and motion approved.

·        Subject of wreaths placed along the track was denied at this time by Lundstrom.

·        Dylan moved to set aside 20 tickets as comp; after discussion, Bergos rescinded his motion to read 25 comp tickets with second by Lundstrom and motion approved.

·        Mowing will commence on pit side and lines will be painted prior to next race.

·        Suggestions on having vehicles parked east of pit gate to ensure adequate parking for all units concerning race vehicles and campers.

·        Kirkwood will visit with Tremblay on starting his day at 8 a.m. each race day at the pit gate and circulating more through the grounds.

·        Meeting adjourned @ 8 p.m.



Respectfully submitted by

Sharon Kindle, secretary



Discussion on placing the pit ticket booth in the center of the road; requires several loads of dirt and gravel. The logistics will be looked into further during the winter months. Reason: Ease congestion during driver sign-in.