PCMS meeting 09/08/14


President Greg Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 5:30. Those present were John Carnahan, Kari Carnahan, Dylan Bergos, Denny Overcast, Marty Lundstorm, Dan Stout and Terry Skones.

Kari gave a report on race income and payouts.

John discussed the spectator income from car show weekend comes from our presentations like Nito Mike etc. We need to decide before next weekend what we would like to do about getting people to come put on a show. He also talked about getting sponsors from out of town possibly Pacific Steele etc. The more sponsors we have the less expense for the track.


Greg discussed the building. We will start on construction after the last race. We will be getting power to the concession area. The Shriner’s would also like to have power and will help pay for the extra power line.


Kari brought up getting someone to help in the tower so she could be out helping in other areas.


Greg gave John approval to purchase trailer cabinets for the auction. This is a good fundraiser for us and they are very generous with the purchase price.


Dan Stout made a motion to give Kari $2,500 to purchase prizes for the auction. The motion was seconded by Dylan Bergos, motion carried.


Terry Skones gave a treasurers report. John mentioned that the expenses for the building would be about $15k. He said that there will not be any bills paid until they are reviewed.


Dylan discussed advertising the big dollar race weekend. He was waiting to advertise until he had more information on the high school race or the first timers race. John passed out a copy of the IHRA rules for the high school drivers.


Dylan discussed the Benefis car show in Great Falls this weekend. He was wondering if anyone was going to it. They very generously donated cameras to our track. John mentioned possibly giving them a $250 donation. Dan made a motion to make a donation, Denny seconded it, the motion carried.


The last race had issues with parking in the pit area. John mentioned not enough space to go around. Marty has paint to do lines for parking. John will contact Red Peterson to paint the lines.


Darla is not wanting to do concessions next year. She is losing $400-$500 per year. It was decided to give the workers a $10 lunch ticket. Darla may do it if she has power and if she cuts her menu down.


John has an announcer coming for Canada. He will have Jody Lee help with the announcing for this last race.

The banquet details were discussed. John would like the awards banquet in early November this year.

Dylan will do a sign for the new ticket booth.

The payouts from the Labor Day race will be corrected.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.



Terry Skones – acting secretary