Phillips County Motor Sports meeting, Oct 12, 2013, 12 noon

Present: Greg Kirkwood, Dan Stout, Roy Case, Marty Lundstrom, Dennis Bebee, Sharon Kindle, Terry Skones.

Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 12:15 and asked for the treasurer’s report.

Terry Skones, Treasurer, gave report and expenses, [see attachment]. Stout moved to accept both with second by Case and motion passed.

Sharon Kindle, secretary , offered minutes from September meeting, with motion by Kindle for  approval and second by Stout and motion approved.

Old business:  NWE to building was first offered at $6740, and they would do trenching, etc. Kirkwood and Carnahan negotiated with them and reduced price to $4358, Hines will do trenching, and the boring under the track will cost $1.25 a foot. Motion: Lundstrom moved we move forward with these bids and second by Stout and motion passed.

Put on spring list: finish putting up vinyl signs and concrete ones

Concrete apron on building, $900 in concrete was purchased at the KMMR auction as a start towards the concrete ‘apron’ around the building.

Report on new depositing system, Skones stated the system worked without a ‘hitch’ and was a good time to try it out with our full weekend of events. Each ‘bag’ of money from all events is counted, and each bag starts the new day with start-up cash as all other monies are placed in sealed bag, marked what it is from, sealed and put in drop box at the 1st State Bank. All deposits reconciled to the penny.

New business:  Take action on NWE:  this was done at the beginning of meeting.

Roy Case, Hard Luck Trophy-who? A secret ballot was taken, and all ballots given to Case who will announce the winner at the January awards dinner. Skones is to check on who paid for the jackets in 2012.

Work up budget for building, do we have quote from F & R?

Electrical and plumbing quotes? These quotes were not given, however Farmers and Ranchers quoted, $3500 for interior of building. Faydo and company are ready to go when ever funds are available.

Blow out water lines; this has been done. Store picnic tables, all but one is put away and that will be taken care of shortly. 

2014 race dates will be set ASAP, however Kindle has responded to inquiries asking for dates PCMS always races the weekend of 1st State Bank car show and our 3-day Labor Day race.

Would Schultz be interested in heading up his $500 “Challenge” to raise money for building? PCMS will ask Cory and Ron if they are interested in spear-heading a Challenge to other business entities in the race circle to complete the building.

Kindle said officers and directors should consider giving $100 each and this was agreed upon  All present agreed to donate. The challenge will go out to the email list.

The fall awards meeting will be January which enables the awards, such as jackets and plaques to be ordered.

At this time, it is unknown where the MDA will meet and when.

PCMS’ corporate meeting will be in March or April depending on the speaker.

Lundstrom mentioned Hi-Line Dragstrip was named Division 6 Track of the Year. It is on the PCMS facebook page.

There being no other business to come before the board, Lundstrom moved for adjournment at 1:15 with second by Case and motion seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Kindle, secretary