Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc

March 23. 2013 meeting, Saturday

Noon at Stretch’s in Malta

Call to order by President Kirkwood at 1 p.m.

Treasurer: request payment of statements and approval of statements paid as follows since Dec meeting; Denny Overcast moved to accept the bills for payment with second by Don Snell and motion passed.

Treasurer’s report: Don Snell moved to accept the treasurer’s report with second by Brent Waters and motion passed.

Secretary: approval of Dec 8, 2012 minutes by John Carnahan and second by Dan Olson and motion passed.


PCMS bylaws state the annual meeting will immediately follow the regular meeting. Therefore, we will be adjourning after this meeting and re-convening  for the annual corporate meeting.

Old business:

Track Manager Carnahan will send out notice for work days at the track beginning towards the first of April. Mark calendar for June 29, 2013, Billings, Nitro Jam. IHRA will run the race and expect 200+ cars. Sat. at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. will be race times for nitro cars. Features Chuck and Sylvia Haynes.

How to raise funds for getting bank building on foundation may be possible radiothon in the spring, in conjunction with Malta Trails, Inc. PCMS is open to ideas from all concerned. Nothing was settled on this and will be on the April agenda.

Kindle contacted Cindy Schaff, with espresso stand south of Grass Range and see if they are willing to sell now which they are for $10,000. It was agreed this was not what the track had in mind.

Lundstrom had “food for thought” that PCMS never spend more than half of reserve at any time.  Should this be in motion form?


New Business:

                We will need to discuss what to do to make car show entertainment more exciting since Gravity Storm was totaled in Australia. Have price quote from Northwest Funny Cars and Rocky Mountain Door Slammers. The long weekend add on Sat. Aug 31, Scrap Iron National with Don Wilkins, 10000.00 pay for Alcohol Funny Cars and Alcohol Dragsters. Sharon Kindle moved to have the Scrap Iron National on Aug. 31 with second by Dylan Bergos and motion passed.

Bathrooms, PCMS would like to replace the wooden ones by the hanger, with fiberglas and set up to rent bathrooms out as we acquire new ones.

Increase our sponsors from surrounding areas, Denny Overcast sold a 4x8 sign to Harold Millers group from Chinook.

BLM needs 7 pottys May 7 or 14th at $35 ea per day, this was approved by consensus.

Scholarship applications- one to date, some interest so perhaps there will be others coming in.

There being no other business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by

Sharon Kindle, Secretary