Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. January 28, 2012 meeting

Stretch’s Pizza, 1 p.m. with meeting at 2 p.m.


President Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 2:00 at Stretch’s Pizza.


John Carnahan moved to approve the October minutes with a second by Denny Overcast and motion passed.

Sharon Kindle moved to approve the treasurer’s report with a second by Dan Stout and motion passed.

Dan Stout moved to approve the bills paid with a second by Mike Nissen and motion passed.


MDA convention is March 2 &3 in Malta at the Great Northern Hotel. See website and forum for registration information. Deadline to register [for meal count] is Feb 28, 2012.

VHT is being purchased with the Billings track. Marty Lundstrom, CHS, said through May they would have a truck in Billings every week so they could haul it to Malta.

Reminder: to keep in minutes: Katherine Sanderson FFA, owes 8 hr to the track from the FFA auction.

Still need person[s] to install chain link fence at track and secure the transformer area.

Chuck Haynes here for June 9 & 10 race; then possible a wheelie stander from Spokane and the alcohol funny cars want to return when the opportunity and dollars are there. NW Pro Mod cars, faster than alcohol cars, are also being considered.

Closer to getting sign from former pavilion sight east of town to place at the drag strip.

The Chamber has a 40’x40’ shade we can use for the grandstands. This will be checked out and possibly made into a roll up shade because of the wind.

Dan Olson will do maintenance on one truck prior to race season and Carnahan’s will get truck to Glasgow.  Marty Lundstrom said if any repair, updating is needed for the pumps on either unit, his company will take care of that.

Kirkwood had pictures of the west bathroom that blew over. The tanks are not damaged but will need all new walls. Posts will be set in concrete to prevent this from happening again. [we hope]. The wooden bathroom by  the large bleachers has moved on the concrete. Cement posts and guardrail will be placed on the south side as it is uncertain if the unit was run into or wind damaged.


Total of 48 reserved lots at the track @ $150 each = $7050 now with a few more coming when time allows for plotting. Shaun Carnahan has drawn a map which will be downsized and placed on the web hopefully in PDF format. Dylan Bergos offered to do the map with his vinyl business and overlay with plastic so it can be displayed at the strip. When downsized, the track rules will be placed on the back and handed out at each race.

Dates for races are: June 9 & 10, June 30 & July 1; August 4 & 5; September 1,2, & 3; September 22 & 23.

PCMS corporate meeting is March 17, 12 noon at Stretch’s Pizza with Division 6 Director John Carnahan as speaker.

PCMS corporate papers have been filed with the Secretary of State.

Letter from 2012 Senior class asking for donations; only give PCMS shirts.

FYI: Leroy Dyrdahl is home from the hospital and able to return to work. He was a charter director and put in many hours at the track and responsible for gravel donations and equipment usage through his job.

PCMS member Marty Lundstrom is a now a director on the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture in Phillips Co.

Denny Overcast will chair the booth at the Harlem Seed Show March 8-10.

Dylan Bergos informed the drivers there he can do signs, names for their cars. Contact him through A Fine Line Auto Body.

Announcements from John Carnahan

John Carnahan, Division 6 Director, spoke on his job and assured he would be there for the track and had secured Tom and Wendy Miller for whenever he and Kari would be absent. [Talena Klundgland will continue working in the tower.] He has a great deal of territory in his division including Hawaii and Alaska. Kari will be working for IHRA as well. The updates on the Super Summit Series [can be viewed on IHRA web site] were gone over by Carnahan. AmsOil [sp?] and Moser Axle have joined the series and offering great incentives to racers including junior dragsters.

The Billings drag strip is now IHRA so we now have two IHRA and two NHRA tracks in Montana.

Carnahan will be guest speaker at the corporate meeting March 17 at Stretch’s.

Carnahan stated there will be two work weekends at the track as the turn out is needed at the west end. This entails 150’ of guardrail, which we have, dirt work and gravel, a 30’ wide neck which will turn back into track. Carnahan and Kirkwood purchased a small portable paving machine to finish off this project.

Discs are needed for the new parking spaces and volunteers are asked to come forward to paint the discs, help paint the parking spots and repaint the lanes on the east end of the track.

Darrell Kovach, Doyle Grant, and Bill Foster will finish the timing shack as soon as weather permits.

There being no further business to come before the board, meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.


Sharon Kindle, secretary



PCMS extends a sincere thank you to local businessman, Bob Ereaux, of Westside Convenience Store & Casino, for obtaining sponsorship from Tillman Chevrolet in Havre. Ereaux is affiliated with Tillman in vehicle sales and worked with Craig and Mike Tillman to make this possible. Tillman Chevrolet will place an ad on the north side of the signboard south of Malta where Malta businesswoman Jamie Ulrich, of Hitchin' Post has her ad.