Castrol Raceway
September 15– 18, 2011
(1/4 Mile)

The purpose of the IHRA Division 6, Summit Team Finals is to promote IHRA Drag Racing at member tracks on a local level and reward attendance with national recognition and competition.

1. TEAM PRE ENTRY - Each track will be responsible for collecting and paying to IHRA the car & driver entry fees for their team and providing a final roster. This must be done on or before September 5, 2011.

2. DRIVER ELIGIBILITY - Each participating track will keep a “points” system to determine the drivers who will represent their track. Each racer must be entered in the points program, as well as run at least (3) points meets, of the track he represents. No buy-in entries from racers not running at local track. Any track found using buy-in entries may be suspended for 1 year if so voted by participating Track Operators. The 2010 IHRA Nitro Jam World Champions and 2010 NHRA World Champions are not eligible. Track operators do not need 3 points races to compete.

3. TEAM COMPOSITION - Each team will consist of 30 qualified members and up to 2 alternates.
There is no entry limit for any class. This includes Juniors. The alternates will be allowed to time trial and enter the bonus races, even if no one scratches from the qualified team. Only Team Members whose names appear on the final rosters, including alternates, are “eligible” to compete in the bonus races.

4. SECOND TEAM - Tracks are allowed to bring a second team as long as the racers on that team meet the eligibility requirements. Once a racer is listed on final roster, they may not switch teams. Tracks choosing to bring a second team will only have to pay team entry fee one time. Tracks wishing to do so must inform division director BEFORE July 1st, 2011. Each team points will be tabulated separately.

5. TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - The Team Championship will be determined by a points system with one (1) point being awarded to the winner of each round. All run-off points count toward team totals. In the case of a tie, the team that had the competitor that went farthest in competition will be awarded the higher position. If there is still a tie, the team that finished higher the prior year will be the Winner. Each member of the winning team will receive a jacket. Winning track is responsible for ordering jackets. IHRA will pay winning track $50 per team member. The winning track will receive an Ironman.

6. CREDENTIALS, MEMBERSHIP & LICENSING - Each participant, including Juniors &
Motorcycles, must be a current licensed member of IHRA. All racers 9.99 & quicker in the 1/4
mile must have an approved license. Forms will be provided to Track Operators. License runs will not
be allowed at the Team Finals. Participants and crew coming in after the posted gate closing time will
have to have their credentials left in the overnight will call to gain admission when the gates are
secured. Track operators or team members are responsible for setting this up in advance.

7. TRACK CODE & PERMANENT NUMBERS - Each participant must have a track code and competition number permanently displayed on all four sides of the vehicle. IHRA will select and furnish the track code decals. The furnished Tracjk Code decals must be on the passenger side of the vehicle before the car number. The track may issue any number they choose, up to six digits total, including the track code (example: CR6567). Shoe polish is prohibited. No duplicate numbers on the same team even if they are running a different class.

8. TECH INSPECTION – Tech Inspection is the responsibility of each individual track. All vehicles will be inspected, in advance of the race, by and at the home track. The track operator will then issue a tech card to the participating racer. This tech card will serve as the racers’ credential when registering at the racetrack. Random inspection will be performed by an IHRA official at the event. Chassis Certifications will not be done on site.

9. WRIST BANDS – An IHRA official will install a colored band on the wrist of each person admitted through the track gate. Team members, alternates, team captains, track employees and crewmembers must wear the wristband at all times throughout the weekend.

10. TEAM CAPTAIN - Each track will provide a track owner/operator or manager to serve as Team Captain for their team at the Team Finals. Track Operator or appointed captain must arrive early and park their team.

11. RACERS - No racer may represent more than one (1) track at the Bracket Finals. A racer may enter two vehicles as long as the driver meets the eligibility requirements for both vehicles and the vehicles are in different categories at the event. This rule applies to the main event as well as the gamblers and bonus races. Racers MUST be listed on the roster for both classes. No double entering of the same car. Once a racer declares the team he/she wishes to represent, he/she may not change teams. Two drivers are not allowed to drive the same vehicle.

12. SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUN OFF –Each participating track may enter 1 (one) track champion from “Top” and “Mod” class. These drivers must be the actual Summit SuperSeries Track Champion or points leader at that point. No substitutions. Elimination pairings will be laddered based on the best non-red reaction time from the designated time run. Lane choice will be determined by card pull.

13. TRACK OPERATORS RACE - Will be open to Team Captains of each participating track. The race will be run on Saturday and is limited to non-competition street legal cars only. No electronics of any kind allowed. The team captain entering this race may not race on a regular basis. This is the only race in which the team captain can participate except as stated in Paragraph 4 above.

14. TIME TRIALS - Time trials will be run in sessions by class. Racers should not come to the staging lanes until their class is called. Large classes will be split with colored run cards to enhance traffic flow and reduce waiting time in the lanes.

15. ATV's & PIT BIKES – The permanent number of the racecar must be displayed on all such vehicles. No joy riding permitted. Track Owners will be responsible for enforcing this rule. Violators will be disqualified and points will be deducted from the team. All drivers or riders of any gasoline or electric powered vehicle must have a valid state driver’s license. ABSOLUTELY NO SKATEBOARDS, GO-CARTS, ETC. ALLOWED.

16. THREE ELIMINATORS - Will be contested:
TOP (7.00 – 11.99 Cars & Bikes)
MOD (7.50 and slower Cars & Bikes)

17. ELECTRONICS - The penalty for intentional non-compliance will result in a five (5)-poinr reduction for the team, and a one (1) year suspension from all competition for the racer
All Classes - Stutter Boxes and Wheel Pickup Sensing Devices are prohibited. Throttle Stops prohibited.
Top ET - Delay Boxes, Trans Brakes, Two-Steps, and Playback Tachometers are allowed. Factory (OEM) installed computers will be permitted, but Lap Top Computers are not allowed while in competition. No throttle stops.
Mod ET – No Delay Boxes. Two Steps, line locks and Trans Brakes are allowed. Pneumatic or electric shifters permitted.
Junior Dragster - Limited to one pull back after the burnout. Starter is the only one who can touch the car after the pre stage bulb is lit.

18. CHRISTMAS TREE –The tree will be separated with a blinder and the top bulbs will be open. LED bulbs will be used with cones. Crosstalk will not be used.

19. AUTOSTART – Auto Start will be used to start races. .000 reaction times will be displayed. See the IHRA Rulebook for details.

20. LANE CHOICE - Racers wanting the left lane should line up in odd numbered staging lanes (3 & 5) and racers wanting the right lane should line up in even numbered staging lanes (2 & 4) for all runs. Should the racers remaining want the same lane, an IHRA Official will determine lane choice using playing cards.

21. BYE RUNS - Bye runs will be determined for the first round randomly by an IHRA Tower Official. The racer with the best reaction time from the previous round will receive the bye in the following round from the second round on. In the case of a tie, the driver running the closest to his dial (excluding breakouts) will receive the bye. A racer will continue to be eligible for a bye until he receives one. Once he receives one, he will not be eligible again until everyone else left in the class has received a bye. A new bye run will be selected every round. Note: this takes precedent over the team rule. Note: If the racer selected for a bye is mistakenly missed and runs in competition, the run will stand regardless of the outcome. The bye run will receive lane choice.

22. TEAM MEMBER vs. TEAM MEMBER - The Summit Team Finals is an event designed to promote team competition. Therefore, racers from the same team will not run each other, even in a run-off situation, unless they are the only ones left in competition. Circumstances such as the number of entries, track layout, pit parking and traffic can occur that may make this difficult to accomplish. It is the tracks responsibility to help assure that racers from the same team do not run each other. If racers from the same team running each other should become the only alternative, the cars will run each other and the runs will stand. Note: the only exception to this is in a bye run situation.

23. TEAM PIT PARKING SELECTION - Team parking for the first year will be a random draw. The number 1 finisher parks in location 1, number 2 in location 2, etc. Details and maps will be supplied. Grandstand selection will be based first come first served at the event.

24. GAMBLER’S RACES - Will be held on Friday and Sunday. Driver may enter more than 1 car in the gamblers races. Racers may not double enter the same car.

25. RACE PROCEDURE AND SAFETY RULES - All IHRA Race Procedure and Safety Rules will be in effect unless stated otherwise in this agreement. Contestants should become familiar with the IHRA Rulebook, Revisions and this Agreement before entering the event.

26. DEEP STAGING - Please be aware that Deep Staging is not allowed in any class except juniors

27. SPECIAL AWARDS - Each track will enter one vehicle per category. Each entry will receive a dash plaque for having been selected by his track to compete in the “Best Awards”.

Best Awards: (please notify racers of their participation the day prior to judging)
Best Appearing Full Bodied Car Best Engineered Full Bodied Car
Best Appearing Open Bodied Car Best Appearing Junior Dragster
Best Engineered Open Bodied Car Best Engineered Junior Dragster
Best Team Spirit Best Appearing Sponsor Banner
Best Appearing Team

28. CONTINGENCY DECALS – Will not be distributed at the event. It is the driver’s responsibility or the team’s responsibility to acquire any needed contingency decals prior to the event. Certain manufacturers do not distribute their decals through IHRA. You must call the company in question direct.

Car & Driver $100
Jr. Dragster $60
Crew & Alternate $50 (event)
Child $10 (event)
General Admission - Adults $15 (1 day)
Child (6-12) $5 (1 day)
Top Gamblers $50 (1st Round Buy Back: $30.00) (Lottery ticket $20.00) Mod Gamblers $50 (1st Round Buy Back: $30.00) (Lottery ticket $20.00)
Junior Gamblers (Friday only) $25 (1st Round Buy Back: $10.00) (Lottery ticket $10.00)
Membership & License Mandatory: available at event
No refunds if event is partially or completely rained out. Event will be completed on first available day

30. PURSES/PAYOUT - Additionally, there are THOUSANDS in IHRA Contingency Postings. Check ihra.com/contingency for complete list


TOP (7.00 – 11.99 Cars & Bikes)
Winner $2,500 & Ironman & Silver Card
Runner Up 1,000
Semi Finalists 500
6th Round Loser 300
5th Round Loser 150
4th Round Loser 100

MOD (7.00 and Slower Cars & Bikes)
Winner $2,500 & Ironman & Silver Card
Runner Up 1,000
Semi Finalists 500
6th Round Loser 300
5th Round Loser 150
4th Round Loser 100

Winner Ironman & Silver Card & $500 Bond
Runner Up Trophy & $250 Bond
Semi Trophy & $100 Bond


Winner of Top & Mod – Plaque…and the right to go to Virginia Motorsports Park to race for the world championship plus $1,000 tow money when you tech in at VMP!

Win $200 Bond and Trophy
Runner Up – Trophy

32. GAMBLERS RACES: (Friday/ Sunday)
Top & Mod (Fri) Top & Mod (Sun) Junior (Fri)
Win $2,000 80% payback Win Trophy + $500 Bond
R/U 1000 R/U Trophy + $200 Bond
Semi 250 Semi Trophy + $100 Bond
Qtr 100
1/8 50

33. TRACK CODES FOR THE 2011 TEAMS (Tentative List): *For 2011 the order of finish for parking selection was determined by random draw.

1. Prince George Motorsports Park   PG
2. Hi Line Dragway    HL
3. Gimli Motorsports Park   GD
4. Castrol Raceway   CR
5. Magic City International Dragway   MC
6. Eagle Motorsports Park   EM
7. Thunder Mountain Raceway   KD
8. Race City   RC
9. Alaska Raceway Park   AK
10. Castrol Raceway (Team #2)   CT
11. Eagle Motorsports Park (Team #2)   ET

If weather delays the event, it will be completed on the first available day.

Run Order: Mod, Juniors, Top

Thursday, September 15
Parking and Registration 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Test & Tune ($25) 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Friday, September 16
Gates Open 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Registration 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Time Trials (2 TT) 8:00 am (No SSS Race run off participants)
SSS Time trials (2 TT) 9:00 am
SSS Eliminations After 2nd time trial
Gamblers Races 1:00 (approx). (1st Rd Buybacks)

Saturday, September 17
Gates Open 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Registration 7:30 am – 1:00pm
Track Operator Race 9:00am
Team Photos 9:15 am
Time Trial (1 only) 10:00 am
Final Eliminations 1:00 pm

Sunday, September 18
Gates Open 7:30 am
Church Service 8:00 am
Special Judging 9:00 am
Junior Dragster ROC 10:00 am
Run for the Money TT 11:00 am
Gamblers Race 12:00 pm (1st Rd. Buybacks)

Schedule may change at any time. Specialty events (Team Photos, Wacky Olympics
and special Judging) are time and weather permitting.