Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. Corporate meeting, April 16, 2011Stretch’s Pizza, Malta MT

President Greg Kirkwood called the annual corporate meeting of Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. to order at 7 p.m. at Stretch’s Pizza, Saturday. April 16, 2011.

Jim Sandsness moved to approve the 2010 corporate minutes as written with a second by Denny Overcast and motion passed.

Treasurer Jim Sandsness gave the treasurer’s report and stated PCMS was doing very well.

Sharon Kindle moved to approve the report and payment of bills with a second by John Carnahan.

Old Business

Trailer sales tickets-Stahl’s and Olson- all but about 130 tickets were sold of the 660.

Carnahan stated the timing system would be here about the middle of May and work days will be scheduled.

New business

President’s report to the members on accomplishments of the 2010 season [see attachment]

PCMS By Laws—Article V-- waiver of notice for resolution supporting longer border hours and improvement of Hwy 4, Saskatchewan

Resolution for supporting Saskatchewan’s Highway 4 and extending the Port of Morgan hours.

Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. has an average of 20 Canadian units participating in the Hi-Line Dragstrip races during each race weekend throughout the season;

Be it resolved, Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. supports the improvement of Saskatchewan’s Highway 4 leading into Montana,

Be it further resolved, Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. supports longer port hours at the Port of Morgan to facilitate our Canadian drivers,

And, to further state, the monies brought into the state of Montana,( $230, 464, including the value of the units), have proved to be an asset to our business, and the surrounding area, we support the continued maintenance of Highway 4.

Election of directors:

President Kirkwood called for Yeas and Nays for ratification and Yeas prevailed and resolution accepted

Re-election of Don Snell, Denny Overcast, and Dan Stout; no other nominations and Sharon Kindle called for an unanimous vote be cast with a second by Brent Waters and motion passed.

Executive Committee officers up for election: Greg Kirkwood, president; John Carnahan, vice-president; Jim Sandsness, treasurer; and Sharon Kindle, secretary. No other nominations and Kari Carnahan moved a unanimous vote be cast with a second by Dan Olson and motion passed.

The Boy Scouts are serving concessions for the June and August races only so PCMS is looking for new concessionaires.

Presentation of track trophies by President Kirkwood and to John and Kari Carnahan.

Carnahan outlined the Edmunton races Sept 16-18 for the Super Summit Series; you must join prior to our first race June 5, may do so on line for a $50 fee. Would like to see a force of 30 cars, including junior dragsters. Make sure you have your passport.

The drawing for fundraiser was held and the winner was from Scobey.

Scheduled workdays at track will be held for the timing system preparation.

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.

Kirkwood introduced Chuck Haynes, Billings, as our speaker.