How to decipher the raw track computer data

Our data comes from a Port-A-Tree track computer that is capable of much more data than we are taking.

It's data output is set up for a 1/4 mile track. We are running a 660 foot, or 1/8th mile track.


The table above is a snap image off of one of our raw data pages.

Race Number: a number that represents the number of seconds the track computer has been on and gives you a reference to identify a single run. Where the number is the same the two vehicles raced together.

Entry: The vehicle number

dialin: If there is a number here it is a bracket race. The number represents the set ET that the racer cannot "break through". If his ET is lower than his dialin, it's a loss even if he won.

RT: Reaction time from the time the 6 yellow lights come on until the racer breaks the guard beam. If this number is less than 0.400, it is an automatic red light.

60: not used

330: not used

660: not used

mph1: not used

990: not used

ET: (normally labeled as 1320) Elapsed time from when the racer breaks the guard beam until he breaks the finish beam.

MPH2: measured from 66 feet before the Finish line to the finish line.

1ST: Who won. represented by "WIN" in your line.

misc: Generally displays if the racer red lighted or not. if "RED" is printed in the line, that racer lost even if "WIN" is printed in his line.